WHY SETTLE? Luxury is what you deserve

Meet Ms. G-Rose


GillianRose Ultimate Sugar-babe and, Hi-end Companion 




Are you a man who longs to have that something special; an exceptional woman who is uncommon?”

 I value dynamic minded men with high standards who are very kind, generous, and who appreciate the value of an exquisite companionship, a man who understands that I am your temporary girlfriend while we are together until we go our separate ways until you call upon me again.

 For a connection 90 minutes for incalls while I’m touring is excellent for new dates I understand. However, being it’s our first date, you may feel more comfortable with an hour.


I offer a special, unique, unparalleled encounter that begins with intellectual substantial conversation.
The finest liquor to supplement our time at an upscale location and of course an Exquisite date with a true lady who prefers to cater to the finest gentlemen.




I cater to a very selective group of men monthly. They are  35+ successful very intelligent discerning gentlemen  who are able to further my intellectual curiosity’s with so many of my passions.
As well as have deep lingering conversations over dinner and wine. These kind of men make me weak in the knees. I truly love curating a special ongoing relationship with men like this! I could be your confidant, great listener; I'm very empathetic (rare quality )
, fun traveling companion and, I am very flirtatious; and; passionate. Hence why I am selective about my dates because I need a connection.

I love a gentleman who reads my ad, goes to my website, reads my website, fills out my booking form with all the information asked for and sends the 25% deposit to secure a date in 4 emails or less.  A man with a plan as they say. Also, hé treats me the way I am used too as well as should be.  I normally prefer and, do extended datés.


 My Exclusive Arrangements have become very popular. Another reason my availability is so limited. You come before anyone when we are in a Arrangement. You get my private # 
So I am just a call away! When you need me I am there!

My time is minimal and, therefore, precious to me.  I hope yours is the same. I know my rates seems higher than some ladies. 


Thus, my patronage/gift structure will reflect that scarcity.
I spend my off days taking excellent care of myself - health and, wellness are of paramount importance to me.   I also again don’t have a static InCall. I  pick one dynamic man for my date. 

I provide private companionship to gentlemen that I adore and who are like minded. 

I appreciate you for your kindness, your generosity and your sense of self respect as well as respect for others.  
Let's enjoy our time together, free of drama, stress or hangups.  Leave your inhibitions at the door! We get one life! Let’s enjoy the fact that we have met and, will have the most amazing date. . I do not sit around ready and waiting for clients to walk through the door.  It’s a huge insult when a man asks me “Let’s meet know” They automatically will get blacklisted.


My Stats 
Eyes: green
Skin: soft, very fair w/ medium length Blonde hair.
I invest a lot into my fitness, my wardrobe, Nails& Toes are always done for each date as well.
Height  5”4 1/2 
Weight 119
Stance petite but fit
Style:   Very High End Classy/ Behind closed doors lacy lingerie, garter, stockings and heels are the outfit of choice. I prefer to dress inconspicous conservative sexy when in public of course. Unless we are attending a special event and, you need me in a new fancy gown with heels! Just ask and, I promise you will not be disappointed.  I have all new hi end labels in my closet for any outfit requests! I take pride with not just how I look but how I conduct myself.     If you have a specific outfit in mind that I do not own, you are welcome to purchase it for me and I will happily wear it for our date.