WHY SETTLE? Luxury is what you deserve


The more notice you are able to provide the greater the chance that I will be able to accommodate your requested time. I am very low volume. I am blessed that I could be very selective with whom I see so when you contact me please make sure you send me all the information on your first initial contact.

All engagements scheduled will be a minimum of 1 Hour, but I recommend my 1.5 hour date for new friends to really get to know each other. 


I do not discuss appreciation. please make it easy for us to enjoy our time together. Appreciations are for my time and companionship only.   

My donation  should be presented within a few minutes of our meeting. Please discreetly present all donations in a note card, an envelope or gift bag marked, Gift for
I do not negotiate or barter my Appreciations.

Due to my highly selective screening process and limited availability, I offer these rates for the special gentlemen with whom I choose to spend my time. I prefer to meet a limited number of gents and be as selective as you. My reputation is stellar and I remain quite popular by my new and old friends.  

Our Rendezvous

How do I schedule a date with you?

Please Simply send everything I ask for.

For my safety and comfort, all new friends must be screened. Verification is painless. Non Negotiable.
I respond to all of my correspondence, discretion is assured. 

Punctuality is very important to me, please be on time for our appointment and if you are running late, please call to let me know.
If you ever need to cancel an appointment, please notify me immediately and adhere to my cancellation policy.  

My goal is to make sure we both have a memorable time together. All I ask is that you are respectful and considerate of our time, and, hopefully, we can meet again in the future.

Extending the duration of a session:
When we are having an especially great time and you want to extend our date, just let me know. I can usually arrange it - please present the balance of your donation promptly.

I would like to talk to you. Do you have a phone number that I can call?

I do have a phone and prefer to chat once you have been screened.

Then we can make arrangements to say hello.  Once our date is fully secured I have no issues with talking to you on the phone I actually love doing that because it then starts a connection between both of us.

Don’t forget you could have great references and everything and you could still be denied please do not take offense to this but I’m not for everyone . That's why it's crucial to send a note telling me about yourself, so you can stand out from the others. Plus, I will know if we could be a match.

My time is very precious to me

IF you have any issues with my donations or any of my other simple rules please DO NOT contact me.

If you send me an email with one sentence it will automatically be deleted and blocked .