WHY SETTLE? Luxury is what you deserve
February 2021

I been getting tons of requests to your N Nj again, I can not say no to my dream dates! Without asking, they sent 50 percent of a deposit!  
Oh, and a huge thank you to “Jim” for my $500 gift card for my next professional photoshop. Thank you funny- your so sexy and amazing and for many reasons, I don't think anyone could replace you!!!

To only the few and far who go above and beyond will get there shout outs ECT.

Among other things that we will keep betweenus!!!



All new members who have made No contact with me will be getting denied access of any kind on here.

The sign up is for men who actually want to meet me. Not think they will see dirty,  pics of me for free.

I am a lady who prides herself on being a true lady with class.

Only with the right date.........

Hugs GRose


Contact me now.


I almost full for Feb into March already!

Come on I have to assume my memorable suitors I see can't be the ONLY few real gentleman?!!



Don't you want a Gfe that's actually real?

That is priceless